Our history

Our company has innovation, research, leading edge technology dna; from its start our main effort has been to foresee the future and strive to play a significant role on such relevant phase of our industry. Information concept has been changing dramatically those last five years and will change even more on the next ones. Technological resources are available in such rate that it is possible to small investment companies such as ourselves start developing otherwise unthinkable solutions. Neoautus is presenting an open Hardware and Software architecture to leverage the whole cycle of knowledge creation, from data acquisition on any environment, collecting analogically or digitally by sensors, and communicating, gathering data, on time series and NOSQL databases to dynamically model, retrieve, cross reference to finally analyze it in order to generate usable information and ultimately create leading edge knowledge.

Our skills

  • IOT Hardware Architecture 75%

  • IOT Software Architecture 95%

  • Big Data 70%

  • Education 61%

  • Knowledge Market Place 45%

The team

Adélio Conter

Founder Admnistrative Director

Enterpreneur, almost 30 years of IT experience, Neoautus founder, Regional IT Array leader and membership, Innovation and Development character, IOT and Big Data Specialist

Marcond Marchi

Technical Director

Early enterpreneur, Nexxera founder at 17, and ever since, non stop innovation efforts, founded companies such as Cooperativa Teática and BRSOA techonolgy and transaction oriented, at Neoautus started his trail with the concepion and development of an innovative. unprecedent IOT hardware and software architecture. IOT and Big Data Expert

Djalma Fonseca

Marketing Director

Enterpreneur, over 30 years of IT experience, Internal and Overseas market experience, IOT and Big Data Architect.