Our company aims to provide software, services and infrastructure allowing anyone to build complete IoT and Analytics solutions, from ground-up, for any area.


The architectural layers lead to five main partnership areas, comprising from the whole raw data collection up to applications used to deliver intelligence.



Consumer Applications


ERP, MES, OEE, KPI, Graphical imaging tools, full blown business applications or decision making tool based on precise business intelligence output. Systems Integrators may use this layer to integrate this leveraged information to the business applications and their specific needs, either real time or strategic decision.


Business Intelligence

BI Tools, Workflow tools, scientific formulas, statistical libraries, number crunching, mathematical equations and algorithms, Domain specialists that retrieves and process information with relevant knowledge, knowledge creation, scientific results.

Information Gathering

Data Scientists

Dynamic data modeling tools, graph modeling tools and libraries, Data mining tools, Data integration tools, cross referencing tools.  This layer is the data scientist layer and the distributed processing specialist layer, that could cross-model with  current SQL Based tools and other sources of data to set out  this dynamic model and distributed processing layer.  Preparing, gathering the data and information to be used by BI, domain specialists and scientists,

Data Storage and Infrastructure

Big Data and Virtual Machines

Big Data environment and tools, clustering, communication and virtual machines tools and sofware data collectors, to make data as universal as possible, to be stored in the most raw state that could be processed and gathered by Data Scientists.

Hardware Layer

Data Acquisition

Hardware architecture, platform or infrastructure to collect data from all types of sensors, to gather de facto data, raw data from systems, appliances, physiological or biological readings, over a pre-defined data bus to a (at least one) pre-defined data storage (local or remote server).