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Technology view of the future

Paradigm shift

Broadening the view

IOT Architecture, Privacy, Empowerment, Scalability

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Our services

Partner Development

Training, Mentoring on Telemetry, Big Data and Analytics, on the LucidJ Analysis and Design Environment and Hypersolid IOT Archtecture

OEE, Telemetry, Real Time Monitoring

Industry 4.0, low cost hardware data collection, data privacy architecture oriented, local Data and Information gathering and storage, Cloud storage and contingency, Data and Information trading

Formal Education and Research

Universities, Schools of the future, Education oriented effort, Future Information Curators, Information Certifiers and Knowledge producers

innovation and Disruption

Workshops, Clynics, Consulting for Companies, Start-ups, on leading edge technology innovations and new disruptive market endeavors

Our skills

  • IOT Hardware Architecture 75%

  • IOT Software Architecture 95%

  • Big Data 70%

  • Education 61%

  • Kowledge Market Place 45%

What our clients say

Neoautus` wide experience, has helped us at Extratos Fácil to understand our market from a priviledged perspective; they have assisted us on the production of a sound business plan, for medium and long term. Trustworthyness and wisdom conveyed in their workshops, have brought excellent ideas to innovative projects on the services we already provide. On our side we hope this partnership may endure and definitelu will continue to bring outstanding results to both parties.

- Paulo Henrique , Co-founder at Extratos Fácil

Our clients

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June 10, 2016

Some History Bits br

Neoautus team is transaction oriented, scalability freaks, IOT is a beautiful challenge

June 10, 2016

Some History Bits

Neoautus team is transaction oriented, scalability freaks, IOT is a beautiful challenge